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You have already invested in a Salesforce CRM solution.  Now, uncover actionable insights by leveraging all that valuable data your Sales, Service and Marketing teams have collected.

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics Platform (formerly Wave Analytics) has become a powerful, integrated tool that keeps on expanding and improving.  Some of the major benefits of Einstein:
  • Provides a view for senior management to understand the value of the system
  • Improves transparency & accountability of the forecasting process
  • Identifies account opportunities where resources should be allocated
  • Highlights sales/service rep training needs
  • Early warning system for gaps in forecast and goals
  • Fully integrated into the core Salesforce platform and user experience
  • Embedded dashboards are contextually relevant to each user within their Salesforce workflow
  • Take actions directly from dashboards via Salesforce Chatter
  • Supports a data-driven culture


Salesforce Analytics is a relatively new platform optimized for data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This new platform requires one-time specialized capabilities to implement and customize. Benci Analytics has the dedicated resources that specialize in Einstein/Wave and have the experience to have you up and running quickly, effectively, and with best practices. Once your first set of dashboards are in place, we train your internal Salesforce administrators to maintain, edit, and generate new dashboards using our templates.

We have driven down the costs of implementing Einstein/Wave Analytics by using our collective learning to the point it is less expensive and faster to implement with Benci Analytics than having your internal team go through Einstein/Wave training for skills they will only use for the one time implementation.


Every single project we launch begins with a thorough data discovery process. We work with your team to identify all the sources of information needed to create accurate dashboards that help drive business decisions.  We can help connect data sources and cleanse / de-dupe legacy data before it is imported.


Customizing  dashboards to meet the individual needs across your company is a blend of data science and art.  We work with your team to understand the needs at every level, from a quick summary dashboard comparing results across periods, to detailed reports identifying opportunities for increased sales, improved marketing and more efficient customer service.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence leverage your historical data to provide likely scenarios that will occur based on your key variables.  These insights can be used to make proactive strategies or automate operational functions. 
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